Write Cobol/Cics programs in WebSphere Studio E Developer

WebSphere Studio E Developer (WSED) is IBM integrated development tool. The following things we can do with this tool:

  • We can do en-to-end Cobol/Cics program, coding, testing and deployment
  • End-to-end XML enablement of Cobol programs
  • Enhancements to EGL(Enterprise generation language). So that both JAVA and non-JAVA programmers can write end to end programs
  • Zos based DB2 stored procedures we can build on it
  • Supports JCA(Java2 enterprise edition connecting architecture), and WSDL(Web services description language) to connect to data produced by Cobol programs that use XML data interchange.

For curiosity as part of learning I found a link from IBM how to write Cobol/Cics programs in Websphere. Check here

Free document on Websphere Development Tool. Clikc here.

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