Exposing Mainframe Modules with EGL WebServices

Exposing mainframe applications/modules to front end Java or other web applications is booming today.

Switching from one process to another, the first thing what we need to do is:

  • Cost-benefit analysis

Many big organizations have a thought in their mind to use mainframe modules with web applications.

There are multiple reasons switching to Webservices:

  • Front end web applications are attractive
  • Portable to internet and it can be accessed through worldwide on internet
  • Good scalability
  • New web applications are good latest features as suitable to ne w generation
  • Less expensive compared to mainframe/AS400

There are two ways we can expose mainframe modules to webservices

  1. CICS WebServices
  2. EGL WebServices

 EGL WebServices:

Basic idea behind is:

We extract the code from the existing application and make it a stand-alone component that can then be used by both the existing 3270-based application, as well as the new Web-based application. We can then refactor our ordering system using IBM Asset Transformation Workbench, IBM Rational Developer for System z and IBM Enterprise COBOL.

Click on this document for more details. I will add more points in my next posts in this space.

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