SOA concept to migrate legacy to latest Technologies

What is SOA in layman terms?

Service oriented architecture (SOA) is a hot topic being bandied about by IT vendors across the globe. IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Software AG, Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft (just to drop a few names) are all singing from the SOA songbook, and hundreds of vendors are adding their tunes as we speak.

What’s SOA?
The short answer is that SOA is a business approach to building IT systems that allows businesses to:

  • Leverage existing assets
  • Create new ones
  • Easily enable the inevitable changes required to support the business

Mainframe is legacy system with SOA(service oriented Architecture) can integrate to new technologies.

  • The basic concept is how mainframe can be integrated with modern technologies, is called Mainframe SOA.
  • There is no doubt that mainframe has security compared to others. That is why mainframe is still alive.
  • IBM is developing Websphere server for ZOS to integrate modern technologies.
  • Mainframe needs various approaches to integrate all new technologies.

Author: Srini

Experienced software developer. Skills in Development, Coding, Testing and Debugging. Good Data analytic skills (Data Warehousing and BI). Also skills in Mainframe.