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As we all know, in JCL knowing SORT with DFSORT utility is a niche area. Every mainframe professional feels a little bit hard when working with SORT.

I have seen in Banking and Telecom domain, the usage with OUTFIL is much.

Just a few:

  1. Write to multiple output datasets
  2. Covert FB file to VB file
  3. Converts VB file to FB
  4. Also, Parsing, Editing, Reformatting we can do

Great for your patience. Let me tell something about my self. I am very much interested in reading books. Recently I read “Invest in yourself-Transform your career” , this book says we need to focus and re-focus and find some niche area in your working area. So that you will become hot cake for companies…Very nice.

Actually, with SORT we can avoid writing complex programs. There are many things to learn. OUTFILE and OUTFIL both are correct.

Let me give an example:


So after sorting, we can write sorted results to multiple files. These files can be DASD, TAPE, etc.

Another usage is :


More I will give in my next posts.

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