14 Top PLI Interview Questions

I have given useful PLI interview questions for your next job. I have covered all the key areas where an interviewer can ask the questions.

Q1) GET LIST – To get input from the jcl. PUT LIST – we use to display output

Q2) OPTIONS(MAIN)– This is main procedure. we write many sub procs with in this.

Q3) PL1 Program will be compiled in Chgman. Like, COBOL program we execute the program in JCL.

Q4) We call procedures by CALL Proc_name.

Q5) DCL BETA CHAR(20) VARYING. It means space will be adjusted based on size of the field

Q6) DEFINED OR DEF -Is equal to COBOL redefined.

Q7) Concatenation First_name || Last_name possible.

Q8) Translate 3 functions, we can replace with a value, we can replace when ‘+’ with ‘1’…, Convert one format of date function to another format

Q9) Arrays important

Q10) File declartion DCL FILEA  INPUT;

Close file filea;

Q11) INCLUDE- We use to include copy book

Q12) Sub program DCL SUB2 ENTRY;

using CALL SUB2 --we can call the program.

Q13) Storages, Automatic, Static, Based and Controlled storage.

Q14) Error handling ON ENDFILE, ON OVERFLOW etc

The above points are pretty much important.

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