Mainframe Vs Cloud Computing Top Differences

Mainframe architecture and Cloud computing are totally different. You can find here the key differences between Cloud and Mainframe.


  1. The controlled environment of the mainframe
  2. Traditionally requires an administrator to provision computing power for specific tasks
  3. The mainframe has a reputation as old technology that operates under an outdated IT paradigm of command and control
  4. The mainframe cannot run on X86 architecture
  5. IBM has been promoting mainframes as cloud platforms
  6. Mainframe hardware is expensive, licensing and software costs tend to be high

The Mainframe Vs Cloud

Cloud Computing

  1. Cloud is that the dynamic provisioning is self-service
  2. User’s demand
  3. Cloud computing today runs on x86-based distributed architectures
  4. Cloud is cheaper
  5. Usually, admin not required, but each user can use it in its own way

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