Cloud computing flow chart learn quickly

Cloud Computing

The first step is how it helps a company in reducing infrastructure costs. Organisations can now deploy and use cloud computing services. These are Application, Platform and Infrastructure.

Cloud computing

How the company resources are connecting to Cloud servers. There is a connection between organisation services to cloud services.

According to wiki An application delivery controller (ADC) is a computer network device in a datacenter, often part of an application delivery network (ADN), that helps perform common tasks, such as those done by web sites to remove load from the web servers themselves. Many also provide load balancing.

cloud computing architecture

How different application connecting to cloud. The management console of cloud computing has capability to integrate all the APIs. You can watch free AWS video lecture here.

According to AWS the management console is – The Console facilitates cloud management for all aspects of your AWS account, including monitoring your monthly spending by service, managing security credentials, or even setting up new IAM Users.