7 Docker Engine Tricky Interview Questions

Docker engine has a facility to build applications, and make them as image and together some images you can create container. These containers you can ship to any device and you can run these applications there. Below listed interview questions tricky and useful for interviews.


Understand docker in simple terms. It is an open standards platform. Open standards are available to the public.

Founder of Docker

According to Tech crunch, the founder is Solomon Hykes in 2010

Image Vs Container

The image in Docker is a file. It contains all executable instructions to run an application. It is like static package.

A client through Docker daemon launches a container, then the image comes into memory. Until you launch the container, the image inside will not come to memory.

Virtual Machine Vs Docker

Read: The differences between VM and Docker

Docker Architecture

Docker Architecture

7 Interview Questions

  1. Docker client and Docker daemon may not reside on the same host.
  2. The Image does not have a state.
  3. All the layers in Docker are read-only.
  4. Layers are sharable among images.
  5. Containers can communicate with each other. This is within the host or outside host.
  6. Containers are lightweight. The reason is each container runs in the discrete process. Each one has native access. These shares host kernel.
  7. Docker hub provides an environment to share and create images.

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