Cloud computing Vs. DevOps Top Differences

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing basically a source of computing infrastructure.

No need to spend money on infrastructure. Small to mid sized business people may use infrastructure to increase their sales by creating products quickly to the market.

Cloud provides quick infrastructure to business people. This is a big advantage.

Best Cloud computing tools.

The Cloud computing services are cost effective and flexible.

flexible cloud

Different types of Clouds

  • Public cloud – Operated by third party
  • Private cloud – Within the company premises, all the servers available
  • Hybrid cloud – Mix of both private and public


DevOps tools basically are from operation side.

They focus more on operations side.

devops tool

Dev team must help operations team.

Usually at release time Dev team collaborates with Operations team. Actually, they should collaborate throughout the process.

Dev team should test on pre-production environment to avoid issues in production.

When you’ve minimized differences between development and operations environments, standardized your release and deployment process, and automated most or all of your manual tasks, you have a DevOps solution in place.

Top DevOps tools you need to read now.

This DevOps solution accelerates software delivery; reduces time to customer feedback; improves governance across the SDLC; and balances quality, cost, and speed.


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