DB2 Stored Procedure Useful Guidelines

Here’re guideline to write DB2 Stored procedures. You can use these for other RDBMS also.

The purpose is easy maintenance. Also, improves readability.


Code Readability

  • Avoid GO TO statements
  • Use indentation while writing loops
  • Use meaningful Lables

Code Size

  • If Triggers or Function is too large, you can convert it to a procedure.
  • If SQL procedure is too small, you can convert it to a function


  • Group all the procedures of the same application under one schema
  • For instance – payroll.add_employee/payroll.remove_employee


  • Use proper names while CREATE, DELETE and UPDATE of stored procedures


  • Always us SQLSTATE to handle it
  • Don’t use SQLCODE


  • Use COMMIT and ROLLBACK explicitly

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