5 Items You Need to do Work from Home Effectively

Here’re five items you need to buy during work from home. Due to Pandemic and Lockdown, software engineers working from Home. Balance your work and home life – You need these items so that you can work effectively.

These Five You Need

  1. Laptop Table
  2. Speakerphone (Calisto 5200 )
  3. Good SmartPhone (Android or IOs)
  4. UPS as Power backup
  5. Best Computer Chair

1: Laptop Table

This is a foldable table. This is good to use in your home. It takes less space. You can sit comfortably the whole day.

Laptop Table
Laptop Table

2: Speaker Phone

Very nice portable speakerphone. You can use it in your home to take calls. If your voice quality is good, you will get appreciations from your clients.

Speaker Phone
Speaker Phone

3: Computer Revolving Chair

When your chair is strong and good enough, you can sit comfortably till evening.

Computer Revolving Chair
Computer Revolving Chair

The other two items you can buy are

4: UPS

Here is a good quality UPS you need to have. 

5: Smartphone 

To work smoothly even during a power outage I found these items are good.

Courtesy: Originally published in reviews.srinimf.com.

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