Scala Shell: How to Run Commands Useful Video

Scala is scalable language. The name “Scala” is derived from the expression “Scalable Language.” It was developed by Martin Odersky in the early 2000s in an attempt to create a language that could scale to fit different use cases and grow with you as a developer or company.

Scala: How to Run Commands and Quit from Shell

This video shows how to run expression, after installing it on Java, JDK in Ubuntu operating system.

Here, as I did, you can type expression and see the result. This looks as how Python works. The specialty is; it works on functional programming. That means, you can use functions. So, your coding work gets reduced. Here’s a Video.

How to Run a Script in Scala

  1. Set Class path
  2. Use vi or vim to create a script
  3. Run the script

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