Adam Khoo millionaire at 26. Why can’t you?

Secrets of Self-Made millionaires:

Read the attached document about money. Every one needs Financial literacy to come out from the rat race. I selected GREAT books/CDs. You can benefit from them instantly. Great price and Great Sources ( Debunking myths of Money)

ADAM KHOO became a millionaire at 26.

The lessons include the following:

  • 7 Steps to Financial Freedom
  • Developing the Million Dollar Mindset
  • How the Rich Manage Cash Flow
  • Strategies to Massively Increase your Income (TWO lessons on that one!)
  • Managing Money and Controlling Expenses
  • Creating Multiple Streams of Income Online (TWO lessons on that one too!)
  • Investing Like Warren Buffett (TWO lessons here too!)
  • Growing Your Money at Millionaire Returns (TWO lessons!)
  • Designing Your Millionaire Road Map

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