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12 thoughts

  1. Hi,
    One of your quiz answers is wrong,.. E.g. Quiz part 1, RETURN SORT-FILE, what does RETURN means?
    The answer should be NONE.
    Because, RETURN statement fetches the next available data record from the sorted file. I.e. The RETURN statement for a sort file is similar to a READ statement for an input file.


  2. Hello Srini,


    I went through your blog for Mainframes.
    Its really useful and informative.
    Actually I need help in REXX.
    I am planning to write a tool macro, where I can copy column-wise if I specify starting and ending position of column.
    My requirement is like,

    aaaa ffff kkkk
    bbbb gggg llll
    cccc hhhh mmmm
    dddd iiii nnnn
    eeee jjjj oooo

    If i give like ‘CUT 6 9’ or ‘COPY 6 9’, then below must be copied

    After if i give ‘PASTE’ in a dataset, then the above copied column must be copied.

    Can you please help me with this.


  3. Hi Srini,

    I have 2 years exp on Mainframes, I want to change the platform. So, I need to know if i learn Hadoop, it is helpful for my career or not. Please give me some advise.



      1. HI Srini,

        I have 8 years of experience in mainframes currently working in US looking for career shift. Could you please guide me to which technology to shift.

        is it ok to go for Java or informatica or cognos or latest popular Hadoop.

        Also my current project has opportunity for coding java so I am thinking I would be getting practical experience also if I learn java. Also is it good idea to start as fresher in Java now.

        If I learn informatica or hadoop etc how I would be getting hands on experience.

        I want to shift as the future for mainframe seems to be very less in terms of pay rate also.

        Also is there any technology where I can use my 8 years mainframe experience without loosing it.



  4. HI Srini,

    Just missed the below one
    Thinking to take up java just because down the line after 8 years I wont be same situation just like of mainframes.

    Also I observed once the open source language is learnt shifting to tools is very easy.


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