How to Understand DevOps Concepts

Here are the DevOps concepts helpful for beginners. Its key purpose is to introduce changes into production quickly by minimizing the production risk. Reducing the batch size and deploying more changes to production is the real concept behind DevOps.

DevOps is more collaborative than Agile mode. The DevOps  concept and the fact that development and operations need to collaborate to find synergies and develop a competitive advantage.

DevOps is a model in general. Before you select tool for your project you need to identify process required for your project, and based on that you need to select a tool.

DevOps Concepts

DevOps is an unified approach between Development team and Operation team. Both teams should work together for common goals.

The key metrics in the agile process includes customer feedback, continuous testing, and iterative development. Frequent deliveries of working, valuable software are results from the agile process.

DevOps tools

The popular DevOps tools are JENKINS and Docker. You can find the other popular tools here.


  • Can the IT organization rapidly deliver new, innovative applications, leveraging modern architectures?
  • Can they modernize existing applications to enable them to achieve faster delivery and innovation?
  • Can they adapt culture, tools, and processes to succeed?

Testing in DevOps

  • Fast automated tests that run within our build and test environments whenever a new change is introduced into version control. In this way we can find and fix any problems immediately, as the Google Web Server example demonstrated.
  • By doing this, we ensure our batches remains small, and, at any given point in time, we remain in a deployable state.

Build the code & deployment

  • Automation utilities very much needed to build code quickly.
  • IBM Rational Team Concert, various CICS Tools and toolkits, and IBM UrbanCode Deploy provide the capabilities to support continuous delivery of enterprise applications for Mainframe projects.
  • Automatic releasing is the main task in DevOps.

Free DevOps Guide from Microsoft 

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