About Srini

Sr.Software Developer

Skills in :

  • Data Warehousing: Informatica, Cognos, PL/SQL, UNIX, Tuning SQL
  • Mainframe: COBOL, JCL, DB2, VSAM, PL1, IMS DB/DC, SAS, Changeman, Endevor, QMF, SPUFI, XPEDITER,SCLM,IBM Debugger
  • Big data Analytics: Hadoop, Cloud computing,No SQL

Social Media Proficencies:  Twitter, Blogging, Facebook, WordPress, Google Adwords, HubSpot, Google Analytic, Microsoft Office 2014, Pinterest, Instagram, Google +, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, HootSuite, Rebel Mouse SEO, Bottle Nose SEO, YouTube, Klout, Kred.

Whitepapers submitted:

  • Accessing mainframe applications from mobile devices

Thanks for reading my profile and my Blog!


2 thoughts

  1. Srini, say A ,B ,C are cobol-db2 programs and we have some changes to be made in B and C (B has Db2 changes and C has cobol changes).Now C is getting called by B and B is getting called by A.

    Do we need to compile all three programs and do binding for all the 3 programs ?
    How many plans and packages will we require …?

    this queston is haunting me for ever… thot u might answer in the blog…


    1. Good Question.


      Programs B and C are COBOL -DB2 programs. So, if you make any change to these programs, you need to Compile (including pre-compilation for DB2) and you can bind these programs to same package (as per your workshop standard, if they are using one package, then, you need to bind to same package). Then you need to give PLAN name. The PLAN name is usually common to all these 3 programs.

      For Program-A, since you have not made any change, so, you no need to do compile and Bind.

      I hope you got the solution. Any questions please post.


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