DB2 Load Utility Essential Features(2 of 2)

With Load utility, you can insert rows, replace rows, and retain current rows in tables. If  Db2 Load job abends, you can restart it by putting UTPROC=RESTART.

Why Sort work data sets needed in JCL

You need Sort work data sets in LOAD JCL to boost performance.

Difference between LOAD utility and INSERT

  • When initially populating your DB2 tables, the LOAD utility can be a more efficient option than developing a program to read and INSERT data. First, you save the development time.
  • Second, for data initialization, the LOAD utility is generally more efficient and less error-prone than a corresponding application program because LOADavoids the round-trip cost between the application and DB2 address space. An additional consideration is that LOAD can maintain free space, and an application program will not.

Advantage of inline COPY during LOAD job:

  • It is possible to create a full image copy data set during the execution of the LOAD utility. This is referred to as an inline COPY. The image copy will be a SHRLEVEL REFERENCE copy.
  • There are two major benefits of taking an inline copy. The first is that a second pass of the data is not required to create a DB2 image copy. The second benefit is that the table space into which the data is being loaded will not be placed into a copy pending state when inline copy is specified, even if the LOG NO option is specified.
  • To create an inline copy, use the COPYDDN and RECOVERYDDN keywords. You can specify up to two primary and two secondary copies.

How to create FLASH Copy during LOAD

  • To create Flash Copy, use the FCCOPYDDN keyword. If a value is not specified for FCCOPYDDN on the LOAD control statement when FlashCopy is used, the value specified on the FCCOPYDDN subsystem parameter determines the template to be used.
  • LOAD utility if abends, there are two approaches you can do. One either RESTART or RERUN.

How to know in Mainframe DB2, which utility is currently running



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