New features added related to developers in DB2 v10

DB2 new features in v10
DB2 new features in v10

Some of the DB2 changes in version 10. The changes given below are related to DB2 developers.

  1. If you have any old plans and packages that were bound at DB2 Version 5 or before, they will NOT work in DB2 x. You have to REBIND. For many of you this should not be a big deal because the folks I talk with manage to bind/rebind their plans and packages when they moved to DB2 Version 8.
  2. DB2 x will no longer support plans that have DBRMs bound directly. Start planning today to get off the old style DBRM bound directly into a plan. You have to use packages. Now this shouldn’t be a surprise. We have been tell you to do this since about DB2 V2.3 (smile)There should be service in DB2 9 to help you move off of DBRMs bound directly into plans.
  3. Move your ACQUIRE(ALLOCATE) packages to ACQUIRE(USE)
  4. XML Extender is finally no more. If you want to use XML, you should absolutely be using the new XML data type.

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