DB2 top concepts Bind Vs Plan vs Package

In DB2, some concepts confuse to many people. I want to explain those:


BIND is a command you can use to create package using DBRMs.

Bind package

Binding a single DBRM is called bind package. However after bind package we need to bind with a PLAN.


PLAN is a command to create a PLAN on Bind package. PLAN is a executable code. Without PLAN you cannot execute DB2 programs in mainframe.

Plan package

Binding single or multiple DBRMs into a Plan. Practically in real-time we do Plan bind.  Bind package has some benefits. We can give separate Bind options for each Bind package.


This is we do for existing components to update optimum access paths.


We use free command  to Free plan or Package.

We all know that Bind does DB2 syntax check and provide optimum access paths.

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