How to Speak English Instantly

We spend money for degrees, But we don’t spend for communication Skills. I am just writing an interesting topic. That is <<spoken english>>Many of us neglect this area and working for corporate companies. In jobs/career/business need communication both speaking and writing.

We pay attention to our degrees, spend lakhs of rupees to get it. Ideally, we are investing 1% for english-improvement that we invested for degrees. Degrees give only an entry to a job, but you need good communication to sustain there.

Interested ones, improve their English by attending spoken English classes, reading books etc. It is a skill like swimming. So to start speaking we need some data-base like day-to-day English words/phrases. These are available in English novels. I selected <<beautiful list >>for YOU. Rare novels. 

Read 2 novels each month, in a quarter you will get LOT of improvement…………bye wait for next post.

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Author: Srini

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