Easytrieve Key Statements (2 of 3)

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SYSDATE- LONG is a 10-byte alphabetic field that contains the system date, including the century. Format is MM/DD/CCYY.


 SYSTIME is an eight-byte alphabetic field that contains the system time. Format is HH.MM.SS.


PARM-REGISTER PARM-REGISTER is a four-byte binary field which contains the contents of register 1 upon entry to CA-Easytrieve/Plus. Register 1 contains the address of a passed parameter list. This address is accessed by  the subprogram EZTPX01 when passing EXEC statement PARM parameters.

EZTPX01 is a called subprogram used to interrogate a PARM coded on a JCL EXEC statement. It is distributed with CA-Easytrieve/Plus.

EZTPX01 requires two parameters, the system defined PARM-REGISTER, and a user defined input/output field. The input/output field must consist of a 2-byte binary field immediately followed by a character portion to contain the actual PARM information.

You are responsible for placing the maximum length you expect for the PARM information (the character portion) into the 2-byte binary field before calling EZTPX01. EZTPX01 moves your PARM data from your JCL EXEC statement into the character portion of your input/output field and updates the length in the 2-byte binary portion.

RETURN-CODE is a four-byte binary field whose contents are returned to the operating system in register 15. RETURN-CODE is initialized to zero, but you can set it to any value.

Usage: RETURN-CODE  = 4

Data Format:

A - EBCDIC Alpha
N - Zoned Numeric
U - Unsigned Packed
P - Packed
B - Binary
K - DBCS / Kanji

Logical stuff: 

i) Nested IF (as we use in cobol we can use)

ii) DO  WHILE NOT EOF file1


iii) PERFORM statements ==> we use to call procs

Ex: Perform First-proc 

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