IMS DB V11-Latest Enhancements

I am writing as part of updating IMS knowledge on latest enhancements…read on..

If you really have a new year resolution to get skills on IMSDB, I am recommending some books.

DBRC enhancements

DBRC now has the option of running on BPE, which gives DBRC additional functionality. You can override the access security for non-production copies of the RECON data set.

Transaction management

IMS Version 11 can automatically signon static terminals with the LTERM name as user ID without password check when the terminal logged on to IMS.

IBM IMS DEDB Fast Recovery for z/OS, V2.2

Shortens the recovery time of an unscheduled IMS cold start while maintaining the integrity of the IMS databases.

Adding skill on IMSDB

You will be a hot cake in the market. To understand more you need to have clear idea on basic terminology in it. Just download IBM red book. It is invaluable. It is just 2.5 MB.

More details click here.

I will write more in my next post.

Author: Srini

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