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Are you worrying your apprisal is not good?not getting good grade. Are your business still you feel need more success? Are you feeling for not getting promotion?

Any industry, business, career..only technical skills not enough(i am a technical person so writing this). You need little extra skills to meet your target that is people skills. People skills like technical you need to learn and apply. This way you acheive super success.

Many a times you might be heard that you need communication skills that means you need… (see my trademark equation)

$$$$$ English + People skills = Communication skills™ $$$$$

How to Join the Ranks of the Super Successful
by Developing Superior People Skills

What can highly successful people tell you about the
importance of developing superior people skills? Superior
people skills are the defining characteristic of all highly
successful men and women…

When you can get rapport with anyone you meet and cause
others to listen to your every word – you will find people
keen to help you and willing to follow your lead.

There are at least a dozen key aspects of superior people
skills that achievers and winners use to get ahead. You
need to master each one.

1. Be persistent with style. You can get a lot more done at
work when you have the tenacity to deal with difficult
people without losing your cool. Never give up.

2. Exude a magnetic charm that makes people want to help
you. In stores and restaurants staff will go out of their
way to serve the few customers who know how to make them
feel special. The same applies at home and at work.

3. Have the courage to ask for more. When you are working
hard without getting the rewards you deserve you need to
stand up and be noticed. Successful people know the power
of asking.
4. Laugh at rejection. When you no longer worry about
people saying no to you, everything changes. You can talk
to any individual in authority as an equal, and stand up
for yourself with confidence.

5. Talk with clarity. Do this and people will know exactly
what you want – and give it to you. No more beating around
the bush.

6. Drop the need for approval. When you let go of the need
to be liked you are more likely to get it. This is one of
the great ironies of life.

7. Start conversations with confidence. This is a crucial
skill that opens doors socially and in business. When you
do this well you can expect greater success.

8. Become a great listener. As a result you will spot
subtle cues that tell you the key points in any
negotiation. This is valuable information that can help you
drive a great bargain.

9. Never be intimidated by others. When all your
communication is grounded in solid strategies that work you
will have a pervasive inner confidence and strength. You
will come across as someone to be respected and listened to.

10. Quickly deal with people problems. You can develop
great flexibility when it comes to resolving disagreements
and differences of opinion. This will save you lots of time
and heart ache.

11. Stop feeling self-conscious. Get clear about what you
really want. When you focus on that in a special way, your
attention will be on the other person. It then becomes
impossible to freeze because of nerves.

12. Master small talk. This allows you to build rapport
with anyone you meet and even make people eager to help
you. Think of all the interesting and wonderful people you
will meet.

Source: Peter Murphy news letter

With pleasure to help you…

Author: Srini

Experienced software developer. Skills in Development, Coding, Testing and Debugging. Good Data analytic skills (Data Warehousing and BI). Also skills in Mainframe.