COBOL Tough Questions (2 of 3)

Here is my part-1 if you miss it.

1. Can we give Value-clause for OCCURS variable?

Yes, It is allowed to use Value-clause, for the variable, where OCCURS defines. The standard rule is, we can’t declare OCCURS at level 01.

01 Header-one.
   05 Detail-one occurs 1000 times value '121'
      10 Sub-one PIC 9(03).

2. What is the name of COBOL compiler and Link edit?

Cobol compiler is IGYCRCTL, and the Link editor name is IEWL.

3. Can you share brief about COMP fields?

Comp, Comp-1, Comp-2, Comp-3 (packed decimal). Comp-Data stores in binary format. Storage for COMP is platform dependent.

  • Comp-1- Single precision floating-point value. It stores in 4 bytes. Example: PIC S9V999ES99–>32bits, 7+bits
  • Comp-2-Double precision floating-point values. It stores in 8 bytes. Example: PIC S9V999ES99 –>64 bits, 16+bits
  • Comp-3 – Stores data in BCD (Binary coded decimal format). It is platform-independent.
  • Comp-4, Comp-5 – These data types similar to COMP

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