DB2 Tough Questions (2 of 4)

In DB2, the role of utilities is really awesome. Especially LOAD utility is great. To do any kind of loading. I mean, data from flat file to Tables or vice versa you can use LOAD utility. Below are the list of questions on DB2 utilities.

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DB2 is a growing and popular database. Developer and Admin or the roles you can do in DB2. But for each role you need some special skills. Below are the key set of questions useful for your job.

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Q1) What is NUMRECS option in Load utility?

NUMRECS option in Load utility is to give number of rows you are loading into a Table

Q2) What is LOAD PRESORTED in LOAD utility?

LOAD PRESORTED- You can use it, if you know the data is presorted as per clustering index

Q3) What is FORMAT Internal option in LOAD utility?

FORMAT INTERNAL option can be used for LOAD/UNLOAD. Normally this function will reduce usage of CPU time. So that performance will be improved. This is allowed in DB2v9 and V10. See syntax:


Q4) What is PARALLEL option?

PARALLEL YES|NO – During REORG time, If you give parallel “yes”,  it provides more efficient processing and reduced CPU usage.  PARALLEL ‘No’ can be used if you have DASD constrained.


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