JCL-Job,Step Cond parameter

JCL-Cond parameter can be coded in both Step/Job. If both coded, specification on job nullifies the step condition.

Many of the times we may have been asked controlling the steps execution by “cond” parameter.

How to Control Job Steps

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Cond at job:

//job1  job (xyz),’srini-blogs’,

//                            cond=(4,GT)

If any of the step returns rc=4, 4 is >4, false condition, and that step will execute. If any step returns > 4, the rest of the steps will not execute.

Cond at step(no job cond):

//step1 exec pgm=zzzz,

//                  cond=(4,GT)

if previous step returns 4, 4 is >4, so this step will be executed, since false case. if it is > 4, this step will not be executed and, flow will go to next step.

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