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GSAM Tough
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Many sets of tough questions I am giving in my posts. I hope those greatly help you pick up knowledge on IMSDB/DC.

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GSAM Tough Questions

Q1) GSAM is also called generalized sequential access method. GSAM files are sequential files,  symbolic checkpoint and XRST calls can be used.

Q2) We cannot REPLACE and DELETE of the GSAM records.

Q3) Life cycle of GSAM file is OPEN the file and CLOSE the file. Records can be added at the end of the file.

Q4) The explicitOPENorCLSEcall need not include an I/O area parameter. Depending on the processing option of the PCB, the data set is opened for input or output.

Q5)  GSAM error codes


GSAM detected a BSAM variable-length record with an invalid format. Terminate your program.


You have not supplied an RSA for a GU call.


There has been a data management OPEN error.


One of the parameters on the RSA that you supplied is invalid.


You have issued an invalid request against a GSAM database.


An I/O error occurred when the data set was accessed or closed.


You reached the end of the database, and GSAM has closed the database. The next position is the beginning of the database.


You issued an ISRT call after receiving an AI or AO status code. Terminate your program.

In my next posts I will give DLI calls in GSAM-cobol programs.

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