CICS Tough Questions (1 of 3)

CICS part one interview Questions

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After a hectic schedule, I am just relaxing taking coffee, and listing to my Mind Machine. I decided to write some tough CICS questions. I am giving these in  3 sets, so you can greatly benefit with them.

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Q1) What are the primary tables must define in CICS?

The following tables you need to define for a CICS program to execute.
Program – PPT
Transaction – PCT
RCT –  DB2,  CICS-DB2 guide with examples
Terminal – TCT
Userid – SNT
System entry – SIT
Work-station characteristics  – WSU

Q2) How can achieve DFOC in CICS?

DFOC (dynamic file open/close) can be achieved by
DFOC -Link
DFOC- By batch job.
Through Link this can achieved by Master Terminal program(DFHEMTP)

Q3) What are the functions of CEMT?

“CEMT” is the powerful transaction.

Major functions are Inquire, Set, and Perform

Q4) What is the use of CEDF?

We can use “CEDF” for execution diagnostic messages:
Type==> CEDF aaaa
here, aaaa-terminal id (such as, Test region), press 
then, give application transaction-id.
Also, this can be achieved by ‘Xpediter” setup

Q5) What is the best use of Handle Abend?

“Handle Abend” we can use to intercept abnormal termination of the program. But, this is different from “Handel condition”. which intercepts only abnormal condition.

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