DB2 Tough Questions (4 of 4)

DB2 very basic questions that are asked in many interviews given here. The questions are related to what kind of data you can insert into Tables and how

DB2 Tough Interview Questions-Part:3

  1. Can we give DISTINCT on multiple columns in SQL?
    • Multiple distinct are allowed now in DB2 from V8. Distinct can be given on multiple columns.
  2. Is it possible to insert multiple rows into a Table?
    • Multiple rows can be inserted into a Table with Insert INSERT INTO T FOR : X1 ROWS VALUES(:hva1, :hva2) ATOMIC
  3. What is main difference between Atomic and No Atomic?
    • Atomic- If a single row fails, all will fail. No Atomic– All the rows inserted independently
  4. Can we insert encrypted data into DB2 Tables?
    • Encrypted data can be inserted into a Table INSERT INTO EMP (SSN) VALUES(ENCRYPT(‘289-46-8832′,’Srini’,’ Blogs’));
  5. Will DB2 supports enterprise COBOL?
    • DB2 V8 supports Enterprise COBOL V3.2 or later


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