Never Neglect People Skills

1. Exceptional people skills and the ability to start a wonderful conversation with anyone you meet are essential life skills. Your success and happiness are directly related to the development of these social skills. These skills are not optional unless you want to be excluded from what is going on in the world.

2. In an increasingly competitive world it is your skill with people that determines whether you move ahead more so than your technical ability. There is a plentiful supply of able workers but very few have great communication skills.

3. In your social life – your popularity, your acceptance by others, and the extent to which you feel valued and appreciated depend on how well you express yourself. 4. The failure to connect with people leads to loneliness and an uncomfortable sense of being excluded. And too much time spent alone when you would rather be enjoying the company of like-minded people…..READ HERE.

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Author: Srini

Experienced software developer. Skills in Development, Coding, Testing and Debugging. Good Data analytic skills (Data Warehousing and BI). Also skills in Mainframe.