JCL IEFBR14 do-nothing Utility

IEFBR14 utility in Real-time mainframe project is also called DO-Nothing. I got a question in an interview. So, this is 100% helpful to you.

It is also called DO-Nothing. Still it does some of the following functions. Exclusively for this blog readers, I am suggesting a book to get more insights.

Sample code:

//step1    exec   pgm=IEFBR14
//DD2    DD   DSN=test.dd.data1,disp=(NEW,CATLG)
//                   UNIT=SYSDA,SPACE=(CYL,(3,5),RLSE)
//                  UNIT=SYSDA,SPACE=(CYL,(3,5),RLSE)
  • Creates a data set
  • If we do not want, we can delete the dataset
  • Z/os job scheduler will use this utility to check syntax errors

Author: Srini

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