More on SQL Triggers in DB2 Context

Triggers is such an important concept. It comes under server programming bucket.

– Three important functions Triggers will do are I-U-D (Insert, Update, Delete).

DB2 Triggers

A mastering guide is IBM Redbook:

– Trigger will be created by CREATE TRIGGER

– Before SQL operation starts a Trigger will execute first

– A trigger referential constraints and check constraints the data before it is actually updating into tables. It maintains data integrity

– It will also work on Non data base operations defined in UDF(user developed functions)

Who creates Triggers:

These are critical to business. A small mistake takes to cost more. So an Admin will create Triggers.

“DB2 Control center” is user-friendly, we can create Triggers by using it. Apart from this we can also create triggers in ZOs, as we create Tables. 

Create Trigger Trigger_Name

Begin Atomic

actual sql stamens to be executed will come here.


Check here creation of Trigger with DB2 control center.

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