How to Improve Conversation Smalltalk Topics

In a recent survey it was found that many young/experienced professionals lack a skill of small talk. What is small talk ” as said in Peter.W.Murphy these are questions to start to break the ice”.

In many of the times, in Customer meetings, we talk directly with details. Starting with small talk is a good idea.

Smalltalk topics

If we talk to International customers, Use how is weather? economy? sports? any latest oscar music awards etc.

If we talk to friends, there are so many questions. You can read here.

The book “Business etiquette” written by Shital Kakkar Mehra, says that Indians have some problems in starting the conversation.


  • Always speak loudly
  • Not listening
  • Improper email etiquette
  • How to deal with boss
  • Dress code

This book is very nice, it must be read by every software professional.

Shital Kakkar’s Ideas

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  1. Thanks Srini for recommending my book as a must-read for every software professional. I have thanked you online on the book’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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    Shital Kakkar Mehra


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