IMS DB-Command Code ‘D’ and Proc Option ‘P’

Command codes enhances the database search in IMSDB. I want to say here about “D” command code and “P” proc option.

Command Code Vs Proc Option

We need to give Command code ‘D’ in all the SSAs top to bottom, except for last segment. Proc option-Indirectly acts as exclusive locks.

  • “P” proc option is required PROCOPT=P in PCB statement of PSB, when command code “D” is used in SSA of that segment.
  • “P” proc option is NOT required, if we use, DEDB databases though we use command code ‘D’ in SSA
  • ‘P’ proc option not needed ,though,’D’ command code is used for ISRT calls

In my next posts I will give about Sensitive segments and Sensitive fields.

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