Skills You Need In ITes Company

I am sitting on the Saturday evening reading a book” The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime. I am just figured out after reading this book, in Job/Career/Business, every area we need some special skills to have GREAT success.

For example, assume you are working for a Software Company, one needs to know from the day one, which skills you need to have career success.

There are different roles in IT industry:

Software Developer=>Team Leader=> Project Manager=> Delivery manager=>Application head=>CEO

Each role you need different set of skills:

Developer ==> Technical/Communication

Team Lead=> Team management skills/Communication

Project Manager==> Project management skills/Customer handling skills

Delivery Manager==> Team management/remotely handling customer/Domain knowledge

Application Head==> Handling sales team/Customer handling skills

CEO==> Overall vision creation/share holder profits/Direction to the company.

The interesting point is many people do not know where to learn and how to learn. I am helping you giving a direction. The best skills for each role will be learnt on-line here.

Author: Srini

Experienced software developer. Skills in Development, Coding, Testing and Debugging. Good Data analytic skills (Data Warehousing and BI). Also skills in Mainframe.