9 Daily Use SDSF Spool Commands

I have given top SDSF Spool Commands that you will use in Mainframe projects. The SDSF spool helps you to see all job execution logs.

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SDSF: It is also called a spool display search facility. We can watch jobs while running in the spool. This facility helps us to do many with the list of jobs.

Command                                       Action

OWNER    XYZABC                         It filters for a particular owner(TSO-Id)

LOCATE  Column-name                It locates column name

PREFIX    Job-name                        It filters by job-name

FIND       String                                We can find the string

TOP         Scrolls to top

BOTTOM   Scrolls to bottom

LEFT         Scrolls to left

RIGHT     Scrolls to right   

SELECT   we use to display selected row

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