How to Debug online-CICS Programs in Xpediter

Here’s the setup you need before starting testing. And, you need to delete all previous settings, refresh it if anyone of your developers is using your program.

Xpediter for online CICS Programs

1. Commands.

XPND: Just type on CICS terminal “XPND”. It terminates your CICS session. So that it refreshes your settings.

NEWC  Program-name: This command takes a fresh copy of your program. Before starting your testing. This approach is good.

LOCATE * (PF6):   This command helps to take to source listing screen, from any of the CICS screens.

2. List of Commands to use in Xpediter.

Check here for online Xpediter.

DELETE ALL: This command deletes all settings like breakpoints, program settings, etc.

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