JCL: How to Skip Steps From Proc

Recently my friend has got a problem skipping steps in a proc. There are some 250 steps in the proc. His problem was to skip the PS210 step from the proc.

My Solution: In the highlighted code, you need to give COND. Ans no need to make any change in the Proc.

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When we give COND.PS210(0,le), it validates with PS209 step’s return code. If the RC from PS209 is ‘0’. Then, the comparison is “0 LE 0 “, then the condition becomes true, then, the step will be bypassed.

JCL Example That Skips Step You Want.

//Jobname  job (acct info), msglevel=(1,1),Notify=ABCDEF
//PROCLIB     JCLLIB ORDER=(Proc lib name)
//Step1   Exec  TESTPROC,
//      COND.PS210(0,le)

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