Two popular ways to give COND in JCL

JCL condition codes are an excellent option in controlling the execution of JCL steps. Total 3 ways we can control the execution of steps.

As you know JCL is powerful language in MVS.


The first point – is to control the execution of Job steps in JCL.

The second point – is giving Condition code in the step.

//step2 exec pgm=program,cond=(4,GE).

This step executes when the condition 4>=RC.step1, fails. similarly you can control execution of steps in the proc. Refer here for more details.

The third point – is giving condition in the job.

//jobname  job (acctinfo),cond=(4,LE).

for each step, it checks COND code in the job. If false, then only that step executes.

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