5 Super Ideas to Manage Your Boss

Boss is a 4 letter word that plays a central role in the Corporate world. Getting a good impression by your Boss makes your work is easy.

For my blog readers, I am giving here 5 simple tips that anyone can follow these.

1) Make Boss Look Good

S Apte, an HR assistant manager in a Pune-based automotive company, says one should always make sure the boss looks good in front of his seniors. “If there are presentations that your boss has to show his seniors, then make them error-free,” he says.

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2) Speak up at Meetings

Not many people come up with out-of-the-box suggestions during meetings since they are wary of the reaction, so innovative ideas will always get noticed, says Srinivas Nanduri, partner, board & leadership hiring for the Indian arm of executive search firm Maxima Global.

3) Show Team Spirit

A team member will get noticed by the boss if he or she lends a helping hand to others. However, this should only be done when your work is complete.

4) Complete the Loop

A senior should always be kept in the loop of the work done by the employee. A mail marking a copy to the boss is a practice one can adopt, even if an assignment is beyond key result areas.

5) Reach Out for More

Popping into the boss’ cabin and seeing if he or she needs help with a project will project you into the limelight. An employee who takes out time to discuss other company-related projects and future prospects¬†of tasks shows he or she wants to be a decision-maker.

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