How to Understand American Culture: Tutorial

We work most of the time for American projects. Their culture is a little different. They follow a unique style in different scenarios like greetings, making friendships, dating, and personal hygiene.


  1. Say How do you do, Good morning, Good evening, Good after noon. People say Hi or Hello
  2. Men usually Shake hands when they meet. Women it is optional. While leaving they say Good-bye, or Bye. Other words Have a nice day, See u later, nice to see you.
  3. Close friends or family friends Kiss each other or hug each other.
  4. Persons in authority they add Mr or Ms. Example, Mr.president, Ms.First lady.
  5. Women prefer Mizz instead of Mrs. This is neutral
  6. We can call with first name for colleagues and younger ones
  7. We can call using nick names


  1. Americans friendship is short term
  2. Usually they ask How are you?, How are you doing?. The answer is fine, thank you. How are you?
  3. They communicate with touching behind shoulder or by hug
  4. Opposite sex live together without any romantic relationship
  5. Americans like welcoming people into their homes for hospitality
  6. They have less patience. So time management is important.
  7. They do not accept silence during conversation. They like to talk about weather, sports

Social Invitations:

  1. They are polite. At the end of conversation, say let us meet for coffee, let us get together sometime. But without Time and Venue it is not confirmed
  2. If we visit late 10 or 20 mins, they do not like it.
  3. Before visiting for a party we need to ask if it is formal, semi formal, or causal. So dress code is important
  4. Formal visit gift is must…flowers, wine, chocos. Friends visit, it is optional
  5. After party, we need to send Thank you note


  1. Men and women are both equal in American society.
  2. Men or Women anyone can ask permission for dating
  3. Men or Women anyone can pay money for dating expenses
  4. If a girl talking to you closely, that does not mean that she loves you

Personal Hygiene:

  1. Americans expect clean, make up. They expect cleanliness. They accept light deodorants
  2. Neat shaving etc

Common mistakes Indians make:

  1. Failure to understand time management
  2. Lack of documentation, everything keeping in the head
  3. Lack of email etiquette
  4. Not communicating in precise manner
  5. Not addressing people by first name
  6. Shaking of head gives lot of confusion
  7. Talking in regional language, when client is in the meeting

Author: Srini

Experienced software developer. Skills in Development, Coding, Testing and Debugging. Good Data analytic skills (Data Warehousing and BI). Also skills in Mainframe.