How to run Cobol Program on UNIX?

Guys I am writing this blog, after I came from my office. Writing this post listening to a CD. After Mainframe, everyone knows that UNIX is popular OS. Since it is low expensive, high-speed and security compared to Mainframe. However, they have their own pros and cons.

How to Run COBOL in the UNIX?

To run COBOL programs in the UNIX® environment, you must compile them with the Enterprise COBOL or the COBOL for OS/390® and VM compiler. They must be reentrant, so use the compiler and binder option RENT.

After that you all know running a Script on Unix. Just I am giving sample

tso “call ‘my.loadlib(myprog)'”

if we submit this command in Unix terminal, the script will run.

Refer here for more from IBM.

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