Career Spotlight: Pick Right Mentor to Achieve Goals

Role of Mentor

Early in your career, you may ask mentors to help you with specific skills. But as you face mid-career challenges, you need mentoring that’s tailored to your individual strengths and career goals.

Work with advisers who can help you take the skills you’ve honed in your current role and apply them to broader challenges.

  • Mentors help you which skills you need to develop to reach your goals

Attract these mentors by demonstrating your experience and articulating your eagerness for the next opportunity.

And, you need mentors who can increase your access to career-advancement opportunities.

An article from HBR:

Role of Godfather

  • If you are good in your job, if you possess skill sets which are important to the bosses, if you can demonstrate your value to the organisation on your own, it is better to stay non-aligned and not have godfathers.

When do you need Godfathers

If you are one who is not so confident about one’s own skill sets if you are a below-average worker, who constantly needs props to survive than it is more than acceptable to go out and consciously cultivate godfathers who can pull you up 

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