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Tracing an abend in CICS:

When a CICS program terminates abnormally, an abnormal termination message like this is sent to the terminal:


This message indicates that the program DFXXP00A started by transaction DFXX at terminal H400 ended with an abend code of ASRA. Almost always, it’s the abend code that gives you the information you need to begin debugging your program.

Three kinds of abends:

  • exceptional condition abends (ASRA-Program exception,Decimal divide exception etc)
  • program check abends (AEIA-Error)
  • Other abend codes (ABMB-Cursor position beyond o/p device)

 Commands in CECI

CECI {CICS command }

You can use the command-level interpreter, or CECI, transaction to issue CICS commands from outside a program. For example, you can use it to issue a SEND MAP command to test a map before you’ve written the program that processes it. The CECS transaction provides a subset of CECI functions.


CECI READ FILE(CUSTMAS) RIDFLD(111111) ==>command that reads a record from a customer master file

CECI SEND MAP(INQMAP1) MAPSET(INQSET1) ERASE ==>command that displays the map INQMAP1 on the screen

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