The best Tools need IMS DB migration to RDBMS

First step, we need to do while making a decision moving from IMSDB to RDBMS is:

  1. Cost benefit Analysis.

As from the proven things RDBMS takes more CPU than IMSDB.

The reason to take more CPU is, in RDBMS the concept of Query optimization takes more CPU compared to IMSDB, which construct access path.

The following are the various reasons causing to take decision for migration are:

  • Cost: The annual cost of licenses and maintenance is very high.
  • Resources: It is very difficult to find trained IMS DBAs and IMS DC programmers.
  • Agility: In today’s marketplace, businesses must have the ability to rapidly change their IT systems, and therefore modern technologies are needed to provide the necessary agility.

Tools available for migration in the market are:

  • BluePhoenix: Migration to DB2, SQL Server, or Oracle
  • H2R: Hierarchical to Relational. Move from IMS/DB (DL/I)
    to RDBMS.

Keep reading. In my next posts I will add more points in this space.

Author: Srini

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