Top Tools to Migrate IMS DB to RDBMS

First step, we need to do while making a decision moving from IMSDB to RDBMS is:

Cost benefit Analysis.

  • As from the proven things RDBMS takes more CPU than IMSDB.
  • The reason to take more CPU is, in RDBMS the concept of Query optimization takes more CPU compared to IMSDB, which construct access path.

3 Top Reasons for Migration

  • Cost: The annual cost of licenses and maintenance is very high.
  • Resources: It is very difficult to find trained IMS DBAs and IMS DC programmers.
  • Agility: In today’s marketplace, businesses must have the ability to rapidly change their IT systems, and therefore modern technologies are needed to provide the necessary agility.

Tools available for migration in the market

  • BluePhoenix: Migration to DB2, SQL Server, or Oracle
  • H2R: Hierarchical to Relational. Move from IMS/DB (DL/I)
    to RDBMS.

Keep reading. In my next posts I will add more points in this space.

Author: Srini

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