Unix-Why OMVS on Mainframe?

This UNIX environment is integrated with the “traditional” z/OS environment. For example, you can access a z/OS UNIX file from a batch job and you can access a data set from a z/OS UNIX application.

you can enter the z/OS UNIX environment using the OMVS command from the TSO READY prompt

What is OMVS shell?

  1. OEDIT is the Zo/s UNix editor

If you want to write a program with “C”, the command is

==> oedit sample.c

sample C-program-

#include <stdio.h>





Press “F3” to exit from the editor. Your program will be saved.

Compiling the program:

C89   -o sample sample.c

Run the program:


Then you will get result


Type “Exit” to come out from the OMVS.


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