3 Ultimate Applications Popular in Mobile World

Introduction: As smartphone and tablet sales continue to rise, one thing is certain: Mobile computing is the future of business.

Overview of Each Mobile Application – Native, Hybrid and Web Applications

Just as the personal computer revolutionized business, the era of smartphones and tablets will forever change the business landscape. If your business plans on creating mobile apps this year, this guide will tell you to start your project.

Mobile applications now so popular, since many people are using smart phones in their daily life.


Mobile Applications Are Three Types

The first step in creating mobile applications for your business is a basic understanding of your options.

Mobile applications come in two formats: Native applications and mobile web applications. While each looks and feels similar, they are quite different.

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Native Applications

A native mobile application is simply a piece of software for smartphones and tablets. Native applications are built specifically for each mobile platform and installed on the device itself.

Just like PC software doesn’t work on a Mac, each native mobile app only works on the platform for which it was built.

If you want native apps to work across all mobile platforms, you must build separate versions for each platform.

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Web Application

A mobile web application is a web application formatted for use on a smartphone or tablet and accessed through the device’s web browser.

Since mobile web applications are accessed through the browser without requiring installation on each device, they are platform independent.

The biggest difference between the two options: Native applications are installed directly on each device while web applications are served from a central location and accessed through a web browser.

Both options come with their own unique drawbacks and benefits. Choosing between the two boils down to your company’s needs.

Hybrid Applications

Native vs Web Vs Hybrid

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