Learn Hadoop with Big Data Free

Hello guys..analytics and Big data are both leading skills in software market in the coming years. Instead of doing sterio type work, focus and learn new technologies will surely help us for better career.


Just register yourself into this site and enroll for all the courses. You will get a lot of career benefit.

I found Big data university really a free resource. It provides complete information on the below topics.

D111EN – SQL Access for Hadoop
BD506EN – Streams & IBM Cloud
BD100EN – Big Data Demos
BD001EN – Hadoop Fundamentals I
BD500EN – Stream Computing I
BD110EN – Spreadsheet-like analytics
MI710EN – Java Fundamentals
BD700EN – Hadoop Reporting and Analysis
BD005EN – Hadoop & Amazon Cloud
BD006EN – Hadoop & IBM Cloud
BD104EN – Text Analytics Essentials I
BD105EN – Text Analytics Essentials – Case Study
BD102EN – IBM Big Data Developer Day
BD502EN – Big Data Meetup
…0H – Large scale data integration – Text Analytics
DB001EN – SQL Fundamentals I
DB101EN – DB2 Essential Training I
DB102EN – DB2 Essential Training II

Before going to take your paid course just get advantage of this free material. 


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