Hadoop Integration With Mainframe Here is Useful Story

Hadoop and Mainframe
Hadoop and Mainframe

Is Hadoop replaces mainframe? it seems so. Since there is a huge data lying on the mainframe. Especially, Insurance, Stock market and Banking domains.

Processing huge data on mainframe is expensive. The CPU cost is more.

The same data we can process with less expensive way on Hadoop.

IBM Joins the Hadoop Party

In April, IBM started making Hadoop more interesting to its mainframe base. Tucked into its Vivisimo acquisition announcement, IBM declared that its big data platform is based on open-source Apache Hadoop.

  • The platform makes it easier for data-intensive applications to manage and analyze petabytes of big data by providing an integrated approach to analytics that helps them turn sheer data into actionable business insights.
  • IBM further explained that its evolving big data strategic platform promises the industry’s broadest array of advanced, Hadoop-based business analytics, stream computing, data warehousing, integration, visualization, systems management, governance and consulting services.
  • IBM, in effect, is taking a federated approach to the big data challenge by blending traditional data management technologies with what it sees as complementary new technologies, like Hadoop, that address speed and flexibility, and are ideal for data exploration, discovery and unstructured analysis.

In addition, the company is expanding this evolving analytics environment to run on various distributions of Hadoop, beginning with Cloudera, a top contributor to the Hadoop development community. The result: Cloudera Hadoop clients will be able to take advantage of IBM’s big data platform to perform complex analytics.

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