UNIX shell scripting useful commands you need for interviews: part-1

UNIX shell scripting
UNIX shell scripting

Top 10 commands you can use while writing scripts in UNIX.

  1. $? = It tells return code ‘0’ or error of previous run command
  2. 2>&1 = 2 means stderror. &1 means output stdout
  3. > /dev/null = It will write to null. Means nothing
  4. awk = Programming Language to parse chars
  5. sed = Programming language to substitute chars
  6. $0=  It contains actual command. $1…. $9 represents attributes
  7. $# ==> Total number of command line arguments
  8. Typeset -u  VARIABLE => to convert into upper case
  9. Typeset -l VARIABLE => to covert into lower case
  10. crontab -e ==> refresh every minute

In my next post I will give more tips on UNIX scripts

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